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We know that picking out the right odor-fighting machine can be confusing at times. That's why we've made it as easy as possible to find and compare the best solutions available. To get started, check out our full line of ozone machines above, view the common uses grid or read up on our latest reviews. Why shop here? Thanks to our exclusive and long-standing relationship with top manufacturers, we're able to offer our customers the best brands in the industry at the lowest prices you'll find anywhere, off or online. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your new generator!

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"...can't thank you enough..."

Wow! What more can I saw about Ozone Generator Direct. They helped me from start to finish with finding the right ozone machine for my horrible pet odor (3 dogs and 2 cats!). Machine arrived on time and was exactly what I expected.

I set up the ozone generator in my room, let it run for about 4 hours and when I came back the smells were gone!  I had tried almost every other kind of cleaning solution to get rid of the musty odor but nothing worked.  

Thanks guys for FINALLY getting rid of that disgusting smell!

Sandra, Texas

Valued Customers 

Welcome to Ozone Generator Direct, your #1 source for Ozone Generators and odor-busting machines. We're one of the largest Ozone Generator retailers in the industry, mainly because we've always believed in giving customers plenty of honest options at the best prices we can. Since our launch in 2010, we've only carried the top brands (and routinely screen them for quality control and production), so our customers always know they're getting the absolute most out their investment.

Ozone Generator Direct also offers free shipping on ALL our units (with no minimum quantity). It's just one of the ways we're able to thank our loyal customers. We're also happy to honor a low price guarantee: in the rare situation where you find a better price on an item elsewhere, just contact us and we'll beat it!

We've always put a premium on our customer service and strive to deliver the best support in the industry. If you have ANY questions about our ozone generators, please call or contact our support team - we're always here to help. Finally, with our no-hassle return policy, you can always shop with confidence at Ozone Generator Direct.

We wish you, your home and your business a healthy and odor-free life.  

Dan & Colin Barker
Founders & Owners
Ozone Generator Direct

  • "Ozone generators work by attacking the source of the odor, mold and bacteria. Those microorganisms live beneath the surface of walls, floors and other porous materials, making them almost impossible to eliminate with traditional cleaning methods.
  • Once a generator produces and fans out its ozone, it quickly attacks all the critters within the affected area (via oxidation). Once the source is gone, odor molecules stop being produced and existing ones no longer linger or attach/penetrate substances in the room.
  • Stop spending money on neutralizing the problem just to see it come back a few day later --- go with a one-time investment in an ozone generator an eliminate that odor once and for all!"
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Complement your Ozone Treatments with Traditional Air Purification

If your household odors are relatively mild or you want an always-on air treatment solution, traditional air purifiers with HEPA and charcoal filters can be an excellent way to complement your ozone shock treatments. Most air filters can be run 24 hours a day and help continuously deal with smoke, dust, pollen and various other potential allergens.

So what Is Ozone?

Ozone is basically nature’s own purifier.  You can see evidence of ozone all around us by the ocean, rainforest and during thunderstorms.  You may have also heard the term as referred to the protected ozone layer around the earth.  Ozone is a triatomic molecule, consisting of three oxygen atoms.  Ozone is formed from dioxide by the action of ultraviolet light and also atmospheric discharges, which is also present in the earth’s atmosphere. Ozone is known as a powerful oxidant, which has many industrial and consumer applications related to the same design.

The ozone layer in the atmosphere protects plants and animals from harmful ultraviolet rays before reaching the earth’s surface.  Ozone has been used over the last century to purify water and eliminate a wide range of odors.  Ozone generators use this same method found in nature to produce ozone.

How Ozone Generators Work

Ozone generators effectively remove odor through oxidation.  When ozone comes into contact with an odor causing microorganism, the extra atom of oxygen is imparted and the oxidation of the odor takes place.  The result of the oxidation in reaction is a little moisture (H2O), a molecule of oxygen (O2) and some nitrogen oxide (NO2), which is why after some longer applications a pungent smell may exist.  This is easily eliminated by a fragrance or fogging compound. 

The advantage of ozone generators in eliminating odors is that there it is clear and colorless and has very little residual odor.  It is quite inexpensive as after the initial investment in the system, there is nothing else to buy.  It is the most quick and effective way to eliminate both prolonged odor, like bathrooms, locker rooms, etc., or applications like hotels, hospitals or residential homes.  Ozone generators are NOT limited to a certain type of odor and can be applied to tobacco smoke, mold, fire odor, animal odor, elderly odor, bathroom odor and more. 

There is no other system that can quickly and effectively remove heavy persistent odors.   Ozone generators do need to be used in unoccupied areas.  Because too much ozone can cause respiratory irritation, ozone applications need to be done in unoccupied rooms.  Once the application is done, then the room is entirely safe to enter.  The Ozone generator has become the most essential and frequently used tool for both residential and commercial applications looking to rid odor effective and easily.


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