Commercial Generators

Ozone generators are also great for commercial applications. While home owners have enjoyed the odor-attacking benefits of ozone for years, businesses and industries can now experience those benefits as well! These units, with their more powerful motors and plates, are specifically designed for heavy and repeated use.

Not surprisingly, hotels are one of the most common destinations of our commercial-grade units. In the hospitality industry, rooms can get packed with tobacco smoke and other odors that can get quite annoying for guests (we've all been there!). With their deep-cleaning potential (perfect for curtains, sheets, carpets, etc), our generators always become a quick favorite with housekeeping staffs.

In addition to hotels, restaurants, hospitals, nursing homes, condo owners and many other commercial areas can use ozone generators quite effectively (view all suggested uses). Most ozone generators can deodorize a room in just 10-15 min. With a simple flick of a switch you'll eliminate even the most stubborn of odors in no time.

Our ozone generators were designed with ease of use and simplicity in mind (anyone can easily run one). Ozone is the ONLY way to permanently get rid of odor. While other applications simply cover up smells, ozone generators directly attack microorganisms, thus eliminating the source.

Remember, rooms must be unoccupied while the ozone unit is in use. Once the application is complete, ventilate the room and you're done!. Ozone generators are 100% healthy and effective when used properly.

Enjoy a freshly deodorized business today!

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