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Home owners can use residential ozone generators to attack odor, bacteria, viruses, fungi, mold, mildew, chemical gases, harmful fumes, smoke, cooking odors and much more. Ozone is the only solution that'll permanently destroy odors. While other applications (like ionizers or air filters) just mask the smell, O3 directly attacks odor-causing microorganisms, eliminating the source of the problem.

An ozone air purifier sanitizes and recreates the process that nature uses to keep the air fresh and clean.  If you've ever smelled the clean fresh air after a thunderstorm, then you've experienced ozone at work.  Ozone generators simply activate that process. Odors are permanently removed after a 15-20 min. application. In particular, if you have pets and are looking to eliminate animal odor, you simply won't find a better solution.

It's important to remember that ozone generators need to be used in unoccupied areas. To effectively kill mold and fungus, they need to run at levels that may be unsafe to breathe. After the cycle finishes, simply open the windows or ventilate and you're all set. Simple, clean and effective.

Enjoy a fresh, odor-free home today!

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5 Item(s)