Are Ozone Generators Safe?

Yes, ozone generators are safe to use in unoccupied areas.  DO NOT USE THE OZONE GENERATOR WITH PEOPLE PRESENT.   It is important to avoid using the generator when there are people or animals present in the room.  High levels of ozone can cause respiratory infection.  Use the Ozone generator in an unoccupied room and set it for application.  Then come back in a half hour after the ozone is done.  Ozone generators are entirely safe and effective if used correct and properly.  So please use the directions

Why Ozone?

Ozone is the only way to effectively kill bacteria, fungus, mold and strong odor.  Ozone attacks the microorganisms at the source, making it effective and powerful.  While other applications and spays merely mask the smell, ozone permanently removes it.

Who Can Benefit From Ozone?

Anyone really.  Ozone is useful in many different applications from home owners to industrial use.  Any place that has mold, fungus, bacteria and odor isa perfect candidate for an ozone application.  Places like hotels, restaurants, schools, and any more environments can use ozone generators effectively.

How Often Will I Need to Replace the Filter?

Unlike most HEPA filters out there, ozone generators are air cleaners. As a result, they don't rely on hefty filters to condition the air. They use only a small Sporax filter you can get at a fraction of the price.

What Are Your Return Policies?

On most occasions, if your ozone generator is unused, we will accept the return.  Please check out our shipping and returns page for more information.  

Do You Offer A Low Price Guarantee?

Yes, we do!  We offer a low price guarantee on all our products.  If you find something lower, please contact us and we will beat it! Click here for more info on our low price guarantees.

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