Ozone Affiliate Program

Are you interested in selling ozone generators or have a friend interested in getting a ozone?

We have the only affiliate program on the internet where you are able to sell every major ozone generator.  We know you will be ecstatic once you get your ozone generator, you will have to tell your friends.  Why not make some money too!

Our products are enriching the lives of people all over the country, but they are still far from reaching mainstream popularity.  This is why there's such a great business opportunity available in our rapidly growing industry!

If you have friends or family that you'd like to inform about the positive benefits of ozone generators, why not make some extra money for your efforts?  By filling out our simple (FREE!) form to join our ozone generator affiliate program, you'll be able to earn commissions on every customer you refer to our website. 

It's quick and simple!

Here's how it works:

Our ozone generator affiliate program is simple to use.  Once you have purchased a machine from our website, you are instantly able to begin referring friends.  Every referral that buys a machine makes you money.  After signing up, we send you a pricing list of exactly how much money you make, as it is variable based on which machine you refer. 

Simply tell your referral customer to include your name and email address in the "special comments" box while completing their order, and you will be credited for the sale.  Or, feel free to email us the name and email address of the customers you will be referring, and we will make sure you get credited with the sale!

We pay our affiliates every month with a check straight to your doorstep!  The only requirement is that you fill out a W-9 and sign up by following the steps below.

We also offer home water softeners, salt free water conditioners & whole house water softeners.  If you are interested in those products just let us know.

How to sign up:

Signing up is simple! 

1.  Download and fill out the IRS form W-9 found here:

IRS Form W-9

Fax or email this form to us at:

info@watersoftenerpros.com or (866) 455 9989.

2. Fill out the form on the sign up page and submit it to our affiliate manager by clicking "Join Now".  Don't worry if you don't have information for every field, just fill out all that you can. 

Click here to sign up and join the Water Softener Pros team!

Looking forward to a long and prosperous business relationship,


Dan & Colin Barker
Owners: Ionizer Oasis

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