Ozone Generator Reviews

Confused about which type of ozone generator you should get? Have no idea where to start? Let us help you get started on finding your ideal generator. Whether you're looking for reviews on the best ozone machine for your home, hotel, car or any other type of odor removal, we're constantly putting the top systems to the test so that we can bring our customers only the highest-rated ozone generators available today.

Each unit we reviewed was compared against a very specific criteria to ensure years of odor-busting and worry-free use. Below you'll find our top-rated ozone generators (as of 7/2/16), along with those our customers most highly-reviewed based on price, effectiveness, safety and longevity. Read on to see which machines made the cut!

Queenaire QT Storm Generator

The Queenaire QT Storm Generator is a tough, dependable unit that attacks odors right at the source, eliminating smells on contact. This unit is very easy to use and its lightweight and compact design make it an ideal solution for a wide variety of odors and applications. It can eliminate even the worst of odors, such as those that originate from smoke, floods, mold and pets (view all uses).

Did we mention this system comes with a 5 year warranty? If for some reason the Storm fails to deliver on 5 years of superb odor removal, simply contact us and we'll get you a brand new one or your money back. Bottom line, this is one of our most durable units and its 5 year warranty backs that up.

The QT Storm is an investment that will pay for itself in just a few uses as it can remove odor that carpet cleaning and scrubbing simply can't get. The issue with traditional cleaning methods is that they don't attack the source of the odor. They just mask the smell while the mold or bacteria stick around, only to produce more odor down the line. The QT Storm Generator permanently kills all odor-causing mold/bacteria. Remove odors and stop deodorizing -- get your Queenaire QT Storm Generator today!

Regular Price: $589.99
Our Guaranteed Low Price: $329.99

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Rainbowair Activator 1000 Series II       

The Rainbowair Activator 1000 Series II is a powerful odor remover perfect for commercial and large residential use. A hotel favorite, this potent odor-killer is easy to use and comes with a rock-solid 2 year warranty. With a variable timer (from 15 min to 24 hr) and a robust ozone output of 1,000 mg/hr, it can attack the harshest of odors caused by any type of mold or bacteria.

The Activator 1000 removes odor on contact and can be used on a daily (or hourly) basis, without even the slightest loss in potency. For years, this unit has been a commercial favorite and is a must-have for any business looking for an alternative to normal odor removers that simply don't work.

Regular Price: $750.00
Our Guaranteed Low Price: $473.48

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Queenaire QT Tornado Ozone Generator

Thanks to its power and versatility, the Queenaire QT Tornado is one of our highest-rated machines - it can work in almost any setting and quickly attacks ANY type of odor. It's a customer favorite because it's very affordable and can be used over and over again, with impressive (and repeatable) results. The Tornado comes with a 5 year warranty which ensures you'll get a ton of tangible use out of your investment. It's very compact and can fit almost anywhere, making it very easy to remove the most difficult of odors. It can attack mold or bacteria in areas up to 40,000 cubic ft., which should be more than enough for both standard and commercial applications.

Sometimes odors can cling to walls, carpet and furniture, but this unit can neutralize any type of smell, even in the tightest of spots. Forget air fresheners and stop scrubbing!  Give the Tornado a try and you'll wonder how you ever lived without one.

Regular Price: $650.00
Our Guaranteed low Price: $449.12

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