Safety & Usage Of An Ozone Generator

Where Can You Use An Ozone Generator?

Ozone generators can be used in almost any setting and will be just as effective.  What make ozone generators so effective is that they can get rid of odor in areas that other types of cleaning methods just can't get to.  Imagine cracks and crevices that are just impossible to get to by hand.  The ozone generator will create ozone which can attack the source by penetrating deep down below the surface.  You never have to touch the effected area as the ozone will do if for you.

Most of our customers use our ozone generators for residential and for commercial use.  For residential use you can use your ozone in all types of rooms, garages, basements, boats, cars, living room and more!  There certainly is no area that an ozone generator cannot be used and the versatility of where an ozone generator can be used will make this the only odor cleaning solution that you will ever use.

For commercial use, ozone generators can be used for schools, hotels, hospitals, nightclubs, restaurants and any other business.  The power of ozone will eliminate odor in just about any setting and it is why almost every hotel has one.

Buy an ozone generator for one setting and get use out of it for years in just about any other setting.  With most of our machines coming with a 5 year warranty, you can be sure to be removing odor with ease for years to come.

Are Ozone Generators Safe?

Ozone generators are completely safe if they are used as directed.  Well, how do we use it as directed.  It is not hard to use an ozone generator as it is designed to be used.  If you are going to run your ozone generator, make sure that the room is free from people and all doors and closed with a little opening in a window.  Using it as directed means using within an area that is free from people while the machine is running.

You might have heard that ozone generators are not safe and yes, they are not safe but only when you use them not as they are directed to be used.  Of course if you run the machine in a room closed over night while your sleeping, it might not be a good idea.  BUt run the machine for a few hours while you are in another room, then come back and turn off the machine, you will be totally fine.  The warnings that you hear are simply about running the machine in a room which are occupied either by you or others.

Please use them as directed and do not occupy a room which has an ozone generator running. After the ozone generator has been running for a few hours, let the room air out for 30 minutes to an hour before entering the room again.

What Odors Can An Ozone Generator Remove?

Ozone generators are quickly becoming the only cleaning solution you will ever need, ever!  Ozone generators are so effective at removing almost any type of odor by attacking it at the source and completely eliminating the odor for good.  The odor is attacked by kiilling the bacteria that is causing the odor.  There is no smell deoderizer, this is the real deal odor killing machine.

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