Bar Odor Removal

Bars and clubs can (usually :) be a very fun and exciting place to hang out, but if unkempt, can produce a ton of foul and mood-killing odors. Common bar odors include cigarette smoke, alcohol and rotting food...all of which are pretty tough to eradicate with traditional cleaning methods. If you find yourself in that situation, ozone might be the solution you've been looking for.

Ozone machines produce sterilize-grade levels of ozone that penetrate deep into all types of benches, barstools, bar tops, etc,, removing any underlying sources of odors. If you have a tough case, you'll quickly find typical cleaning solutions or air fresheners don't actually remove the smell -- they just temporarily mask it, so you'll be at it all over again later that day or the next.


Bar odor removal can take a few hours depending on the organisms/chemistry involved. Simply place the unit in the affected room, close all windows and doors and make sure there's no one inside, including animals (ozone can cause mild respiratory irritation). Run the ozone machine for a few hours and let it thoroughly circulate about the room. As soon as you turn the machine on, ozone will immediately start to oxidize all the mold, bacteria and other critters in your bar.

Head back in after few hours and, trust me, you'll be amazed at how good your bar smells! There's absolutely no manual labor involved ( no scrubbing or cleaning).

So stop worrying about those gnarly smells driving your customers away -- get rid of 'em once and for all and let your bar shine!

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