Bathroom Odor Removal

Tired of that nasty unwanted smell in your bathroom? Whether it's a commercial or just a home bathroom, an ozone generator can remove unwanted odors that have accumulated in your washroom, for any reason. With the elevated humidity and relatively enclosed space of most bathrooms, mold and other micro-organisms can easily take hold in your grout and other crevices; eventually, they'll start to cause bad odors and lead to other health effects.

As you've probably found, odors in bathrooms can be tough to remove and normal scrubbing and cleaning just don't do the job. The key is to permanently attack the odors at the source, which typical cleaning methods can't do very well . The organisms that live in bathrooms can most efficiently be removed by oxidizing the ambient air with an ozone generator. Most bathrooms have plenty of small areas that are nearly impossible to scrub or clean -- ozone can easily get to those cracks and crevices, quickly removing their odors.

An office, home, commercial, or any other type of bathroom is time-consuming to clean and even tougher to keep free of offending odors...every single day. Here's how ozone can help:


Simply place the ozone machine in the affected bathroom and close off the area. Leave the room and let it run for 1-3 hours (depending on the extent of the odor). As it circulates throughout the room, it'll quickly destroy all offending microorganisms on contact. After the unit turns off, give it about 1 hour for the ozone to dissipate. Return to the room and ventilate it by opening up windows and/or doors. Enjoy your brand new, fresh-smelling bathroom!

Any time your bathroom starts to smell bad, simply repeat the process as needed.

Ozone generators work on a wide-range of mold and mildew issues - even the most resistant of species will succumb to the oxidizing effects of O3 (literally, in milliseconds).

Stop masking odor and painstakingly removing those offending critters -- fix the problem once and for all...

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