Boat Odor Removal

Are you looking to remove unwanted odors from your boat? Whether it's fish odor, food, sea water, mold or anything else you may run into on the open waters, an ozone machine is the ideal solution for removing nasty odors. Let an ozone machine keep your boat, yacht or any other type of vessel, smelling brand new for years!

All types of smells can and will penetrate the upholstery on your vessel, especially after years of wear and tear and exposure to the ocean.  Forget cleaning and scrubbing and start attacking the odors at the source.

Simply program the machine to run a few hours - it'll circulate ozone within the designated area, removing odors that have entrenched themselves deep into fabrics and other porous materials. On contact, ozone will attack and oxidize micro-organisms, leaving the treated air fresh and clean. When you return back, simply turn off your generator (or if on a timer, it's already shut down) and start enjoying your fresh-smellin' boat!

If the odor persists - even slightly - just set the machine to run again and repeat the above process. As you can see, with just a flip of a switch you can guarantee yourself a fresh clean boat for years on end!

Why are ozone machines more effective then air fresheners and other types of cleaning solutions? Because air fresheners just freshen the air and don't actually get rid of the organisms responsible for the offending odors. As with all cleaning solutions, they only attack odors at the surface.  Most odors penetrate DEEP beneath the surface and hitting just the surface simply won't get the job least in the long term. Ozone triggers a process called oxidization which allows it to reach the source, deep within cracks and other small crevices not accessible with sprays or other lotions.

To get started, browse our recommended boat ozone machines below!

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