Cigarette Odor Removal

As you probably already know, cigarettes are one of the toughest odors to get rid of. Air fresheners aren't effective and cleaning and scrubbing just don't do the trick. To permanently remove cigarette odor, ideally you'll want to attack the odor-causing molecules right at the source (instead of just deodorizing them). Cigarette odor penetrates deep below the surface of curtains, fabric, carpets, etc. You name it, tar and smoke will attach itself to it...making it one heck of an odor to remove. What can you do? Try what expert restoration companies and high-end hotels swear by: ozone.

Ozone generators work by oxidizing micro-organisms and smoke molecules that cause the worst of smells. No other odor removal method attacks cigarette odor so directly and efficiently. As mentioned, cigarette odor is extremely hard to remove because it attaches itself to just about anything it touches (it's extremely tacky/sticky). Tar, ammonia and other toxins are just as bad in your body as they are, ozone also helps minimize exposure to second hand smoke. Whether the cigarette odor is in your home, car, bar, hotel or any other type of room, here's what we typically recommend to clients:


Set up your ozone machine in the room with the worst cigarette odor (Ideally, in an elevated position as ozone is heavier than air). Shut all the doors and windows and set the machine's timer to 2-12 hours depending on the size of the room and level of odor. After the timer ends, give it another hour to let the remaining ozone convert back to regular oxygen. Return back to the room and take a deep more smoke!

If the odor slightly persists after the first run, simply repeat the process until it's completely gone. No manual labor or cleaning involved! When it comes to cigarette smoke, it just doesn't get any easier!

So, ditch all those lightweight air fresheners and deodorizers -- ozone generators are a one-time investment that every home or business with a smoke problem can benefit from.

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