Home Odor Removal

Looking for a solution to get rid of weird, nasty or unwanted smells at home? An ozone machine might be exactly what you're looking for! All of our ozone generators are perfect at attacking house-related odors and mold right at source. Forget sprays and carpet cleaning companies that simply get rid of the surface issues, only for them to return in a week or two. The quick and easy process of treating your home with an ozone machine is a permanent and, in the long run, the MOST cost-effective solution available.

Home odors can accumulate over years of spills, body odor (yup :), tobacco, pet stains or anything else under the sun...er, your roof! Over time, those odors attach themselves to carpet, cushions, wood, or any other type of porous material. Ozone machines are the only solution that can penetrate layers and layers of material/furniture to reach the source of the problem (usually mold or bacteria).

Whether your smells are in a single room, apartment, home, camper, garage or basement, ozone has become the go-to solution for most difficult cases (just ask most remediation companies). Here's how to get started...


Simply seal off the affected (close doors and windows) area and let the ozone generator run for a few hours or several days depending on the extent of the situation. Make sure there are no animals or humans in the area.

Sterilizing ozone will then circulate throughout the room, removing odors even in the tightest of places. Once done, assess the state of the room - if it needs a bit more treatment, repeat the process to your liking.

Initially, eliminating home odors might seem like a daunting task (especially if you're dealing with years of neglect). Ozone is the idea solution for those toughest of problems. In over 10 years in the business, we haven't met a smell or infestation ozone couldn't address.

So, stop attacking odors at their surface and start eliminating them at the source...everyone in that house will thank you for it!

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4 Item(s)