Hospital Odor Removal

When it comes to hospitals and nursing homes, it's critical that surfaces and the ambient air are as sterile and bug-free as possible. That's why ozone has become quite the ally for the housekeeping and nursing staffs alike. In particular, if a room or wing of a building has been left neglected for months or even years, manual scrubbing and cleaning really isn't all that practical...or even effective. Sometimes, the best thing you can do is attack ALL the bacteria, mold and spores first....then, once they're eliminated, go in and clean up the inorganic leftover.


To begin, simply place the ozone generator inside the room of your choice and let it run for a few hours or overnight depending on the extent of the grime and odor. After the timer finishes, give it another hour or so for all the ozone to dissipate back into regular oxygen. It's now clear to pop back in the room and take a big breath. Chances are it'll be markedly better if not completely fresh; If odor still persists, simply repeat the process until your desired result is achieved. Simple, effective and affordable! All the hospital staff and patients will thank you for it!

If the room had years of built-up mess and odor, you'll still need to wipe away that leftover, but the source of the smell (mold, bacteria, etc) should now be gone. Most hospitals maintain a bi-weekly or monthly schedule to keep their most active rooms or wings proactively clean. An ounce of prevention...

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