Hotel Odor Removal

Hotels can accumulate all types of odors that are painstakingly difficult to get rid of. Spills, pet odors, body odor, tobacco smell, smoke and various other odors can be left behind by well-meaning visitors. Since many of these odors seep deep down inside the carpet and into the walls, it's almost impossible to remove the odors without attacking them at the source.  This can only be done with the use of oxidization via a hotel-grade ozone machine.

As any experienced hotelier will tell you, normal cleaning and scrubbing just won't do the trick against years of accumulated nasty odor. Air fresheners and other typical cleaning methods only attack the surface of the affected area, while most of the odor causing micro-organisms lie deep beneath the surface.  While these methods can work at removing the odor in your hotel for weeks or months, the organisms live on to produce their foul byproducts.  An ozone machine can get deep down and penetrate the main odor causing bacteria, killing them almost instantly.

How does it actually work?  Let the ozone generator run in the affected room, come back in a few hours and be amazed at how the odors are completely removed!  Make sure to seal off the room and let the ozone circulate throughout. It is really that easy!

If odors persist after the first procedure, just repeat the process and let it kill any excess critters.  There's absolutely no cleaning and scrubbing or any other traditional cleaning involved.  Using an ozone machine is one of the easiest and most effective ways at removing odors in any hotel room.

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