Kitchen Odor Removal

Your kitchen can be quite the harbinger of odors, both good and bad. The bad ones (caused by mold, bacteria and fungi) can quickly and covertly embed themselves into just about any surface. That dynamic makes it very difficult to effectively remove them with scrubbing or other traditional cleaning methods (that only attack at the surface level). In contract, ozone generators attack at the source which make them the most effective solution available when you need to remove pesky kitchen odors. Whether you have a residential or a commercial kitchen, our ozone generators can deal with any combination of micro-organism and room size/layout.


To treat your kitchen, simply close all the doors and window and run the machine for 1-6 hours, depending on square footage. Once done, give the ozone a good hour to naturally dissipate, then reenter the room and ventilate by re-opening windows, doors, vents, etc. If you need to deal with rotten food, body odor, steam or humidity on an ongoing basis, we highly recommend you setup an ozone cleaning schedule and instruct your staff accordingly.

Remember, ozone is extremely effective because it'll circulate throughout the ENTIRE room, killing odor on contact. Even critters that have seeped deep within cracks and crevices will be eliminated, leaving behind a fresh, great-smelling kitchen.

Forget scrubbing, cleaning and air fresheners as they'll never really eliminate the underlying issues. Get an ozone generator, never worry about smells again and free up your staff to put out some awesome food!

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2 Item(s)