Musty Mold Removal

Looking for something to remove that unwanted musty odor? Whether it's a basement, office or any other room in your home, the process of removing musty odor caused by mold is relatively easy with an ozone generator.

First off, what is mold? Well, it's a type of fungus that, similar to bacteria, thrives under specific humidity and temperature conditions. Most mold species love warm and damp environments (eg, black mold is very common in unkempt bathrooms). They're also commonly found in basements, especially if there's been a flood, condensation, leaky pipes/water heater, etc. Once mold takes hold, it's incredibly difficult to treat, mainly due to their microscopic spores. They tend to entrench themselves in the drywall and insulation -- such porous materials are VERY difficult to thoroughly clean with traditional methods. They just can't get eradicate every last cell, so the mold will eventually re-colonize days or weeks later. What does work? The (no longer) best-kept secret in home remediation is...

Ozone Shock Treatment

To get started, set up the ozone generator (preferably elevated) and close all the doors and windows in the affected room (if there's absolutely no source of new oxygen, leave one window a few inches open). Set the timer for 6-24 hours, depending on how bad the odor is. Turn the generator on and leave the room. After the cycle completes, give the ozone at least an hour to dissipate. Enter the room, ventilate everything and you're done! If a little bit of the smell still remains, simply repeat the process as needed.

Remember, an ozone machine goes after the source of the odor by directly attacking the offending mold (O3 breaks down their cell walls). Ozone generators last for years and not only completely remove odors, but they require no maintenance or labor. Nearly every other cleaning solution out there only neutralizes or deodorizes smells. If you're lucky, their results will last you anywhere from a few days to a couple weeks. Permanently deal with the issue and get rid of that musty odor and toxic mold once and for all!

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