Pet Odor Removal

Those of us who've had pets, know first hand the kinds of odors our furry little friends can leave behind. Whether it is urine, poop or any other type of unwanted surprise, pet smells can be very hard to eliminate, especially with cheap sprays and other types of soaps.

The problem is that these odors need to be attacked at the source and that's exactly what ozone does. From offending dog or cat odors in an office, apartment, car or room, our ozone generators are perfect at reversing the hands of time. Pets are enough of a handful -- don't let lingering smells drive a wedge between you and your little guy. And don't forget just how unhealthy pet smells can be. Urine and feces can contain a variety of bugs you can easily catch. An occasional ozone treatment will keep all those risks at bay for months at a time. Here's how to apply it to your room or home...


First, make sure you place your machine inside the affected area and close all the doors and windows. Position the unit so it's facing the worst of it. Set the timer and walk out along with ALL your pets. Let the ozone machine run for the full treatment (1-5 hours) it does, it'll immediate begin to oxidize all the bacteria and mold present in the room, particularly the colonies that have attached themselves to carpets, cabinets, cushions, and anything else that's even the slightest bit porous. Once the treatment is complete, allow for about an hour until you return. Once back inside, you (and your pet!) will notice a remarkable improvement. If you notice just the slightest of smells are still present, start up a shorter treatment until it's complete gone.

Trust us, your investment in an ozone machine will end up saving you hundreds on cleaning supplies and remediation companies.

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6 Item(s)