Restaurant Odor Removal

Ozone generators are a very effective restaurant odor killer and one of the only solutions that will completely eliminate their specific odors for good. Whether the odor is caused by food or other sources in the kitchen, an ozone generator can immediately attack the source of the issue (which air fresheners and other cleaners simply cannot do). Odors in restaurants seem to most often get trapped in carpets, fabrics and other sorts of tiny crevices. The micro-organisms (mold spores, E-coli, etc) that take hold can hide in the smallest of places -- it takes a very potent treatment such as ozone to completely eradicate every last cell or spore.


Simply place the ozone machine in the kitchen or main seating area and let the machine run for a few hours.  If the smell is particularly bad, let the machine run all night.  Just make sure there are no customers in the area and that the affected area is closed off.  This ensures the oxidization process (which kills the bugs) can work to its full potential; otherwise, ozone concentrations tend to drop and it'll take longer to achieve your desired result.

Once done, come back in and enjoy your clean and fresh smelling restaurant! No cleaning, no scrubbing and no labor!  Most importantly, the odors are eliminated for good.  It's really that easy.  Set up the ozone machine right before you leave for the night, come back in the morning and you're done!

Stop merely neutralizing odors with cleaning solutions and air fresheners - get rid of odors in your restaurant for good!

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