Room Odor Removal

Whether it's a dorm, hotel, or ANY type of room, odors can accumulate for a variety of reasons. Typically, they'll penetrate deep into carpet, drapes, wood and cushions; all of which makes them very difficult to remove with a normal cleaning solution or air freshener.

The majority of rooms have a few basic elements: entry door, at least one window and a vent. If the cross-ventilation isn't sufficient and the room isn't cleaned all that often, you could end up with some critters at some point. Those critters (surface bacteria, etc) will eventually either produce foul odors and/or lead to someone getting sick. The worst part is they're sometimes not visible to the naked eye so it takes a very thorough cleaning to get rid of every last cell. Here's how to treat most rooms...


Based on the size on the room, select your timer. For example if the room is about 200 sq feet, an hour or two should be more than sufficient. Above 500 sq feet, you'll probably want to treat it for at least 4 hours. Of course, everything is contingent on the type of bugs and smells you're trying to treat. If they're around in very high concentrations, increase the treatment time by at least 50%. After the treatment is over, assess the smell and reapply as needed. After you get the room back in shape, from there it's all about prevention. We recommend most clients re-treat every month or so, depending on the volume of traffic.

Remember, with ozone there's virtually no labor involved and after your purchase, there's absolutely no cost to run the machine, other than typical electrical charges.

All told, there's really no better solution than ozone at attacking the dirtiest and smelliest of rooms. Get an ozone generator today and start enjoying a totally refreshed, odor-free room in just hours!

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7 Item(s)