School Odor Removal

Ah, schools. Most remember them as a safe and enjoyable place to learn. An educational refuge, if you will. Well, as with more high-traffic building, they don'[t clean themselves on their own! From funky odors to fungi and mold, most schools need a constant and persistent cleaning schedule to keep their kids safe and healthy.

Some of the toughest school areas include gyms, lockers, bathrooms and buses. Each has their own particular set of challenges. For example, nothing harbors much more bacteria/square foot than a high school gym. Kids are kids, and most would rather move onto their next activity than clean up that spill or properly dispose of that towel. For most areas, here's how to get rid of their smells...


For starters, close off the affected room or area and elevate the ozone generator .(preferably at the top of row of lockers, cabinet, etc). Turn it on and let it do its thing! Make sure there are no students in the room and leave the are unattended until the cycle is fully complete. Head back after a few hours and that area is very likely to be brand-spankin' clean! If for any reason the slightest bit of odor exists, repeat the process until all odor has been removed. Pretty easy huh?

No cleaning and no scrubbing and most important of all, it works!  This makes removing odor from any school hassle-free.

Stop cleaning and stop scrubbing and start attacking odors at the source today!

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3 Item(s)