Smoke Odor

We know that smoke is a pain to get rid of. Whether the smoke is from a fire or cigarette smoking, it has a nasty way of deeply embedding itself in ANY type of fabric. Curtains and sheets are particularly susceptible. And who hasn't smelled the clothes of a smoker after a smoke break? Yup, it's unmistakable and, really, if you're exposed to it for long periods of time, your olfactory system begins to filter out the, you no longer recognize it. So, if you're a friend or relative of a smoker, do them a favor and permanently treat their fabrics with an ozone generator.

With regard to smoke from fire, it's a very similar dilemma. Its chemistry attracts it to fabric - as soon as you enter a fire-ridden room, you'll immediately notice the ash and inorganic burn-off. Often, most of the room will be unsalvageable, but for those areas that missed the bulk of the fire and were only minimally exposed to smoke, treatment with an ozone generator can often bring them back to their former glory....all in just a few treatments. Here's how:


If you're dealing with an average sized room, plan on treating it for 6-8 hours. Simply set the machine in the affected area and turn on the timer. Let the unit run for its entire cycle (make sure every window and entry door is closed). During the treatment phase, ozone does two things: 1) detaches smoke molecules from fabrics and other porous items (particularly, partially charred wood), 2) oxidizes any lingering or new micro-organisms. Once treatment is over, give it about an hour to let the O3 dissipate back into O2. Check back in and it should be markedly better. Now, smoke it notoriously difficult so you may need to use multiple treatments and let it run overnight. After your first treatment, you'll get an immediate gauge on the time and extent of future ozone cycles. Eventually, you CAN get the room back to its previously smoke-free state. Just be patient and persistent.

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